“You’re like the young, sexy, sassy version of Wavy Gravy.” -Fan

“You’re like a living wind-up doll. Is there a screw coming out of your back?” -Fan

“You are truly the doyenne of Fun Rock.” -Thunderegg

“You’re like five bands rolled into one!” -Fan

“You’re like that traveling clown who goes around to children’s parties and makes balloon animals, except you don’t make balloon animals, and it’s for adults.” -Fan

“You’re like the Lisa Frank Supernova of San Francisco.” -Fan

“You’re one of the most exciting women I’ve ever met.” -Suzanne Kramer of the Sugar Ponies

“You’re just a chick in a wig with a lot of props. You can’t fool us! We’re from Humboldt!” -Two guys from Humboldt

“The janitor is wondering why there are crayons, packets of lube, and glitter all over the floor.” -Management at 50 Mason Social House

“Aren’t you the one who brings everything she owns on stage? And throws marshmallow pies at the audience?” -Man recollecting the Apocalyptic Pony Party

“It’s like trying to wrangle a tornado.” -Date

“It’s like herding cats.” -Emcee trying to get LizO offstage.

“Lady, how come you’re here every day?” -Security Guard at Party Supply Store.

“You’re not a kid in a candy shop. You ARE the candy shop!” -Fan

“Girl, you is a hot pink mess!” -Homeless Woman.

“If there’s anyone who I would trust to get lost inside her own apartment building, it’s Liz O.” -Nick Jones of the Flat Broke Puppet Company.

“You’re like the Redheaded Princess of Chaos.” -Lover

“I’m just not sure how one goes about becoming a Minstrel.” -Mother

“You should probably have a Plan B.” -Bitch Roommate

“Liz O is batshit crazy. And her songs are stupid. STUPID!” -Nemesis

“Did I just drop, like, ten hits of acid by touching your business card?” -Concerned Bro

“You’re so pretty. You’re going to be so popular. I HATE you!” -Gay man at Pride Parade

“Girl, you got a great waistline!” -Man at Telephone Booth

“Hey, Snow Bunny! Nice Cans!” – Man in Tenderloin

“You know what I like about you, Liz O? You just do whatever the **** you want.” -Fan